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Not everyone is aware that filing an injury claim can help increase compensation for the damages and suffering. If you are a victim of an injury or accident that has severely affected you, you should file a personal injury claim without delay to prove the negligence of the liable party and maximize the amount for which you are compensated. That said, you should also know that carrying out the injury claim filing process and proving liability of the at-fault party is only possible when you have an experienced injury attorney by your side.

Arguments in An Injury Case

You must be prepared beforehand with valid replies when the defending party disagrees with your statements and engages you in arguments. One of the common arguments that a plaintiff (injured individual) will hear from the defendant is that the plaintiff is solely responsible for the accident and the resulting injuries and suffering. Remember that if you cannot come up with a properly worded and convincing reply to the defendant’s arguments, the compensation you are intended to receive could be significantly affected.

Before granting compensation for damages to a plaintiff, the judges at the court evaluate the arguments or defense of contributory negligence and comparative negligence in personal injury accidents. It is good to have one of the reputable Personal Injury Lawyers Port Charlotte by your side to represent your case.

Comparative Negligence– Most states take comparative negligence into account before providing a compensation amount to a plaintiff. When going to court for the hearing, the judge will assess the responsibilities of both the plaintiff and the defendant regarding their fault in the accident. If the judge concludes that a plaintiff is partially responsible for the accident and injuries, the amount of compensation will be significantly impacted.

Contributory Negligence– There are only a few states where contributory negligence is taken into account before granting compensation to an injured claimant. In this situation, if a plaintiff is found to be at fault for the accident, even partially, the judge will automatically bar the individual from receiving any compensation.

You need to work with a highly experienced personal injury attorney to ensure that you are well prepared to counter the defense, provide substantial evidence to prove the defendant’s liability, and effectively maximize fair compensation for your injuries. The attorney will make the process to receive monetary benefits for your loss a hassle-free experience.

Increase your chance to receive monetary benefits with reputable attorneys.

Personal injury is never without its share of hardship, pain, suffering, and outright fatigue. Many victims of personal injury have a long road ahead. They do not merely recover immediately and go about their lives with ease and grace. Sadly, many of them may have to permanently alter their lives in an effort to deal with something that has long-lasting effects on them as well as their loved ones.

At Berke Law Firm, P.A., we recognize the lasting challenges of this type of situation. We can promise that our conscientious, compassionate, and successful legal team is top tier. Moreover, our personal injury attorneys are tenacious. They don’t back down from powerful insurance companies, they don’t sway under pressure, and they surely will never stop fighting for your right to full and fair compensation.

A law firm with a seasoned, focused, and ready-to-work staff

We don’t say that lightly. We take pride in establishing a rapport with our clients. Some of them really do come to feel like family. That is because we are ready to listen, to hear your story, to scrutinize your case, and to champion the recovery for the pain and suffering you’ve unfairly endured due to the negligence, carelessness, or recklessness of others. Our Personal Injury Attorney Port Charlotte does not allow others to get away with what they have done to you. We promise that with all our legal experience, we will not allow the insurance companies to get away with anything either.

With a seasoned, focused, and ready-to-work staff, our law firm succeeds where others do not. This is why we have the personal injury lawyers who can provide the necessary legal help to get monetary compensation for your loss in an accident.

We are highly touted, highly recommended, and highly successful in our personal injury cases. One of the first things we do after our consultation with you, is to contact the insurance companies. We put together all necessary supporting documents and paperwork, and we spend long hours poring through the details of your situation to effectively present your case.

We formulate the best possible personal injury strategy for your unique situation!