Punta Gorda Personal Injury Attorney

Are you suffering from injuries and losses due to an accident? Are you planning to file a personal injury claim to prove the negligence of the legally responsible individual or entity? To win your injury case and receive fair compensation, getting a hold of and preserving substantial evidence after an accident is of the utmost importance. Leaving your home after the accident while injured to meet witnesses and gather solid proof of what happened, might not be possible. Therefore, most plaintiffs look to a professional injury lawyer to assist them in the process.

The likelihood of winning a personal injury claim increases when you have a Punta Gorda Personal Injury Attorney by your side who has years of experience in dealing with different types o personal injury cases. A competent lawyer knows well that substantial evidence is the key to a successful personal injury claim. Hence, to help you achieve justice and a fair damages award, look to a personal injury attorney to assist in the responsibility of collecting the necessary evidence.

Top Ways to Gather Evidence               

If your health condition permits, right after the accident, you should start gathering anything and everything that you feel can substantiate your case. It is important not to forget to document your injuries as well

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When you have a problem, and have hurt yourself, you are likely in pain and experiencing a lot of suffering. Your loved ones care deeply about your current condition but don’t know what to do to help. At a loss for options, you wonder if you can help yourself. You know the injury wasn’t your fault. You know it was because of somebody else that you are now suffering and in the current situation

You can do this by enlisting the help of the Punta Gorda Personal Injury Attorney that people trust the most. At Berke Law Firm, P.A., we have managed countless cases dealing with all types of personal injuries due to the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of others. We understand the difficulties of your situation, and we take the actions necessary to figure out the best approach—so that you don’t have to.

Read the following points to learn the essential things you need to do in order to collect real evidence for your injury case.

  • Return to the location- If you can, return to the site where you became a victim of a slip and fall or vehicle accident on the same day or the day following the accident. You are likely to come across some of the other things that might have contributed to the mishap. You may also find substantial evidence if you explore the location thoroughly. If there are shops and commercial or residential buildings around the location of the accident, you may find individuals who have witnessed what happened to you at that exact spot.
  • Safeguard Physical Proof- To gain fair settlements from the insurance company for the damages that have taken place due to the fault of a third party, gathering and preserving physical evidence is imperative. If picking up the physical evidence isn’t possible, then take pictures of all those things that you feel can heighten the authenticity of your injury case.
  • Take Photographs- Make sure that you carry a quality camera (if you have one) along with you when you return to the accident site or else simply use your smartphone to take photographs of the accident scene from various angles. Take clear pictures of the spot if, for example, you find a bloodstain or a damaged traffic light post that has happened as a result of the car accident. Ensure that you take photographs of every necessary physical thing that can be seen or touched. Your injury case will be more substantiated if you take pictures of the accident spot within 24 hours after the accident. You can present all the photographs as evidence to the insurance agents to maximize a fair settlement.
  • Contact Witnesses- An eyewitness can provide valuable support and help strengthen the authenticity of your injury case. Visit the accident site and try to find any people who have witnessed the entire accident. Their statements regarding the accident can be valuable and the injuries that you suffered can help you conclusively prove the fault of the liable party.

Apart from doing all the things that are mentioned above, make sure that you also document your injuries, take photographs of the bruises, marks, and cuts immediately after your accident. These will help provide supporting evidence to your insurance company that your suffering and damages are undeniable. Strong supporting evidence will help to compel the insurance company to provide you with fair compensation for all of your losses. You must talk to Personal Injury Lawyer Punta Gorda after getting basic medical treatment. They can guide you through the process and provide you with the information that you need to know.

Rest Easy and Recover Monetary Compensation for your loss

When dealing with a personal injury, you have a lot on your mind. The last thing you want is to worry about the incredibly complicated legal ramifications of your case. Thankfully, the experts at Berke Law Firm, P.A. know what to do. We take on the wealthy and powerful insurance companies, we put the blame squarely on their policyholder, and we work tirelessly to maximize your final compensation. This is why we have the Punta Gorda Personal Injury Lawyer turns to most.

Truth be told, every personal injury case can vary significantly. You never know what, exactly, the circumstances entail and how the events that unravel may effect the consequences of your injury. It’s important to consult a seasoned professional who can not only analyze your case, but ensure that you properly pursue all avenues for compensation. This is why you need the Personal Injury Attorney Punta Gorda can’t do without.

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Our law firm prides itself on delivering the highest levels of professionalism, the most untarnished track record, and the finest legal expertise. Whether it’s an auto accident, a bike accident, a boat accident, a dog bite, or more than a dozen other types of accidents, your personal injury is our priority.