Drug Injury Lawyers Florida

Holding Negligent Drug Manufacturers Accountable

You have the right to pursue compensation from the manufacturer if you have been harmed in any way by a dangerous drug. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure that the products they produce are safe. When they fail to fulfill this responsibility, they must be held liable to face the consequences of their actions.

At Berke Law Firm, P.A., our Drug Injury Lawyers Florida have helped countless clients secure the financial compensation they deserve for being affected by serious side effects of drugs. When your case needs to be taken to the court, we are the ones you can rely on help you win the case.

Situations for which one can file a drug injury lawsuit.

It is something you never think will happen. Maybe you have been taking a product for years, certain of its efficacy. Or maybe you switch to an off brand, expecting the same effects you’ve always experienced. Perhaps, it is a relatively new drug, a notably older drug, or simply a drug you took trusting that the labeling was accurate. Whatever the cause of your drug injury, you’re not alone. Our drug injury specialists know what it’s like to be wronged by a defective pharmaceutical

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You can hire a Drug Injury Attorney Florida to file a lawsuit to seek financial compensation for:

  • Negligent medical care
  • Negligence in pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing
  • Ongoing costs of rehabilitation
  • Physical suffering and pain
  • Emotional pain or mental anguish
  • Reduced earning capability
  • Wrongful death

Truth be told, defective pharmaceuticals are actually more prevalent than most people would want to know. They can arise for a number of reasons, affecting individuals of all ages, races, and physical and mental profiles. If you have suffered an injury as the definite result of a drug, you need to act fast. First and foremost, contact the specialists at Berke Law Firm, P.A. and schedule a consultation today.

Drug Injury Lawyers Florida can get what you deserve for!

We have the top attorneys for a reason. Our drug injury specialists understand the inner workings of the pharmaceutical companies. We have seen drug injuries from all the major makers, and we have managed cases due to negligence, carelessness, recklessness and many other irresponsible behaviors.

We know how these things work. Sometimes it is the pharmacist who is at fault. Other times, the physician is getting kickbacks and hastily prescribes something you shouldn’t be taking. In some cases, the drug manufacturer is solely responsible. No matter who is at fault, we have the Drug Injury Attorney Florida can turn to.

The reason people trust our firm is simple. We know how to get down to business. During the process of your case development, we will work to represent you through all phases. We will examine the facility, the pharmacy, the doctor and/or hospital, and even the laboratories and sales representatives. We consider every aspect of the pipeline. In doing this, we ensure utmost clarity and continuity in your case.

We have extensive experience in representing victims and families in Drug Injury Lawsuits. Contact us for a free consultation today and let us help you win your case.